Samantha and David have such big, joyful personalities. The western setting and Samantha’s love for pumpkins were the perfect combination for this beautiful fall wedding. Picnic tables and benches were elegantly transformed by simply covering them with white linens and lining them with burlap, eucalyptus, and crystal candlesticks. Guests enjoyed a walk down the dirt road during the cocktail hour, where they sipped drinks and ate homemade tamales at the saloon. There was an elegant buffet and a coffee truck, and all of the desserts were pumpkin-flavored.


Venue – Paramount Ranch
Location –  Agoura Hills
Theme – Rustic Chic
Photographer – Jenny Smith and Co.



David got his first glimpse of his bride under a giant oak tree in the middle of a field where they prayed together before they walked down the aisle.



If your venue is more than 20 minutes from your house and you are planning to supply many of your own items, it is a good idea rent an enclosed moving truck for the weekend that you can pack ahead of time and unload on the day of the wedding.