Everything shimmered, from the dress to the chandeliers, which is exactly how Shannon had envisioned her wedding day. Jarred enjoys the outdoors, and since Shannon is an artist, she painted a tree for the seating chart and canvases for a thumbprint tree. Together they love Disney, which they creatively used in their table number stories and their cake table.


Venue – Imperial Palace
Location – Pasadena
Theme – Elegant Fairytale
Photographer – The Jessica Santos



The sister of the bride presented Shannon and Jarred with leis after she performed a Hawaiian dance for them.



Communication is key when planning a wedding. The baker took the wedding cake and 200 cupcakes to the venue a day early without letting Shannon or myself know, and the venue served all of their desserts to the guests at the previous wedding. We contacted three other bakeries and were fortunately able to duplicate the wedding cake and purchase replacement cupcakes, but communication would have eliminated the issue altogether.